Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Lamp and other treasures!!!!!

Here is the AFTER of the lamp I made for Maddie!!!!! It turned out cute! Love it and so does she! Can't beat a $3 lamp with some hot pink trim to class it up!

As my daughter would say "Ohh La La!" He he!

Here are the girls~ coloring together! Gracie is 18 months now and growing! So cute! Loves to do everything her BIG Sis does!:)
On another note........I found some treasures last weekend for our new house! All found at consignment stores! Can you believe it?..... Just wait, take a look------I know! I couldn't believe them either!
75 cents for this cute candy jar!
$20.00 for this amazing mirror! This picture does NOTHING for the awesome lines it has!
This "lantern thingy" was $15.00 and I thought it could hold an awesome candle in it by the new fireplace!
"Ohhhhh Baby!!!!!!" yep that's what I said when I found this beauty! $20.00!!!! I know- I had a heart attack too! LOVE it and it's lines! Wow- what great finds~ it's not everyday I have this luck, just gotta look and wait for the right pieces.
And last but NOT least........this is for you, MOM~ Maddie's hair straight! :)
Pretty girl!...

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