Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Ideas for Maddie and our house??? Who knows...

This closet caught my eye on Pinterest~don't know exact source- sorry, anywho I do remember they took the closet doors off and replaced them with ply wood cut out to look like an amour. Sooooooo stinkin cute- I really would love to do this! We'll see......

Oh and look at these cute pillow covers- Etsy~ will be great on Maddies bed!

Remember back when this house was in the running for us to live in, well now we wait~ hopefully not much longer to see if it is ours!

This is an awesome sun room~ I'd like to make the house airy~ light blue, turquoise, grey with pops of red~ not this yellow...
The lonely kitchen just waiting for love!
A living area~ love the tall ceilings- but not the colors~again, we would change this!
The back!
Oh and found a pic of the master bath/tub area`skylights! Yeah!!!!! Hope to let everyone know soon.....just waiting and waiting and waiting.......
Have a wonderful day! Only 6 days till movers come and move us to Delaware!!!!! Oh boy!

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Little Mamanista said...

Pretty house!!! Goodluck on your move!