Thursday, March 15, 2012

Trying everything on her own!

Gracie Emersyn has always been a good kid~ recently she wants to do EVERYTHING on her own....let me remind you she is only 18 months old! This is her eating her yogurt! she loves it- makes a mess, but that's ok, it's good for her! Does it get any cuter than this?
OMG that face! I could eat it up! :)

Trying to smile for the camera.......

Yep....I think she is under there~ Saline is my hometown in Michigan! Gotta love the hat oh and the little squirt under it!
Madison was sooooooo super excited about her new mermaid doll for the tub or pool!
Yep...she also loves putting towels on her head~ I don't understand, but what ever makes her happy makes me happy!
This is her true love right now though- drawing! She calls it "eye" I do not know where she gets this from, but boy oh boy does she love to do it! She is a marker drawing queen! always very proud of her work too!

I hope ya all have a great day! I loved this pick~ makes me can you have a bad day when you see smiles like this?
Happy Thursday everyone! Make it a great night!

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