Monday, February 10, 2014

WoW It's been WAY to long....once again lol

 So we have been VERY busy once again!   Here are a few shots for a Valentine's week!
 My Girls!!!!! Love them!!!!!
 Gracie is getting so big!
 Maddie loves her picture taken and is turning into such a beautiful young lady!
 Of course I have been SUPER busy with sewing too!!!!!! Lots of orders! Here are just a few!

 So sweet for your little ones!!!!!~
 We went to the Frozen Sing Along!!!!!!!!!! Such a great time!
Ok, so Gracie is my creative, fun~loving , I never want to be dressed child! Yup here she is as a princess in her castle!
And one last BIGGIE!!!!! I launched my NEW Facebook Page for Maddie Mack Designs!!!!! Check it out here~
Thanks! Have a Spectacular day!

Friday, December 20, 2013

My Shop says Merry Christmas and Thank you!!!!!!!!!

 Maddie Mack Designs is so grateful for all of our customers!!!!!! Thank you for another wonderful year of making your little ones cute! I love all of the work! Just a few things I made these last few weeks for you!

My two girls say have a wonderful Christmas and an even better New Year! Here's to 2014! Lots of great change to come! If you see something you like, comment or email me at is where all of this cuteness is at!!!!!! Facebook page and new web page coming soon!!!!!!!

Sammy our Elf!!!!!

 Sammy our El has been funny this year! He is really gotten himself in a pickle here
Loves making smores

 Loves to sing......for ALL of his friends

 Loves candy~
 and playing in the snow!   Sammy what are you going to do next???????

 When Grandma comes to visit.........we drink hot coco

 Give nice, warm hugs
 Make Gingerbread houses full of candy!

 Celebrate a day at the movies~ we saw Frozen in 3D! and opened presents from her!
 American Girl Dolls for each!

 Of course there had to be a lot of mess!!!!!!!!!!!!
 We made Christmas cookies too Yum-O!

And went to a Girl Scout meeting and made cards for the local SPCA!!!! Lots off dogs are getting special treats from our troop, all of this fun when Grandma comes to town!!!!!!! Love you Mom!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Our Home

 My Home.......welcome, come on has been a while~ we are one busy family! Yes, that's my little ones butt....she didn't want to be in the pic.! He he  Linking up with
 please excuse the laundry basket- just keepin it real :)
 our dining room~
 sitting room~

 Dining room Nativity Scene~
 One side of our kitchen.......
 The other side of our kitchen and a little tree set in the corner ;)

Our family room~ we got a new tree to fit our tall ceiling!!!! I love it! Just a little tour~ hope you enjoyed it! Merry almost Christmas!