Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Felt Flower Pillow Tutorial!

Felt Flower Pillow Tutorial!!!!!
This turned out so pretty.
You will need:
sewing machine
card stock
pillow or stuffing
A yard of fabric (you'll have some left)
A yard of felt (off of a bolt- not kid squares of felt)
large bowl
large and small cup

trace rims of cups on cardstock and cut
pin template to felt and cut out

Cut out 30 large circles and 20 small circles

Cut ALL circles in half

Cut your fabric into 2 pieces
each 19 x 19 inches (depending on the pillow size :))

On the right side of your fabric square trace a large bowl making a large circle in the middle. Leave 4-5 inch's or so around the edges.

Line up the edge petal along the line you traced- as you sew petals on,overlap petals about 1/4 inch. Continue sewing around the circle adding petals~

When you get near where you started, put a petal in between the previous petals-so they overlap, then you can start putting petals underneath the previous set. The closer they are,the better! To get more volume in your petals, fold the petal in the middle a little and pin down then sew, around the 3rd or 4th row.

After you've done all large petals,and your closer to the center start with the small petals.Don't forget to curve/bend your small petals for volume! When you get to the center~add a couple petals that are good and bunched and cut a small circle out of felt (1 inch) and sew it down with a few stitches in the center of the circle.

To make the pillow~place pillow front and back right sides together and pin edges and sew edges 1/2 inch

when done with that, trim all 4 edges

leave open a side or half of a side to put stuffing in or your pillow

close last little part up and sew~
And your done! A beautiful pillow- I put mine outside on the front porch!

See! How cute- I made two! These pillows take about an hour to make! perfect for when my little one naps! Hope you all like this~ enjoy and Happy Pillow Making!

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Kristy said...

Thank you SO SO much for your sweet comment on my blog!! And I LOVE these pillows!!! I SO have to try this!!