Monday, September 19, 2011

Pumpkins...Oh My!!!!

Hey there! Happy Monday! I have been a craftin fool! Well, kinda~ I saw pumpkins stacked up with an address painted on it(on Pinterest) and I knew I could do it! I got 3 .75 cent pumpkins at Walmart- black and orange paint, (my hubby creates paint for a living, so I get it free!!!:), a candle stand from the Goodwill for $1.60 and some spider confetti at Walmart for .99 cents!!!!

Painting the pumpkins!

I put the numbers on the pumpkins-free can use stencils too! (It took 2 coats of paint) Stuck the base pumpkin to my candle stick and then hot glued the other two on top of each other! Let it dry and then stuck the spiders on it- you can glue or use tape:)

Then I put it on my front porch and enjoyed!!!!!

I will have more decorations on the porch soon~ but right now, I am the only one with pumpkins on my porch!!!!!! So I don't want to push it! Ha- who knows, who cares right??!!!
HAPPY FALL! Thanks for stopping by!

I am linking this tut up to Craft O Maniac Monday"s~ her button is on the right side!!!!


Jill said...

That is so cute! I absolutely love it!!
Thanks for entering my giveaway!

Julia said...

Both of these projects turned out so cute! I love your style and your blog! I think I might just stay around for a while. Yay! (Visiting via oops I craft me pants).