Thursday, July 18, 2013

Summer, Summer, Summer Time!!!!

 So we have been on a trip to Ohio and Michigan!   We were with lots of friends and family and truly had a blast! Here we are in Ohio with some great friends!

 Driving to Michigan~ what a long ride, but it went well and we all did great! :)
 My brother and I`~ boy i am proud of him...he lost 50 pounds for the Mud Run! My turn is next!!!!! More to come on that in the next post ;)

 My Mom and Gracie~

 My aunt's! Such a good time seeing everyone!

 My brother's amily and they are having ANOTHER set of twins in September!!!!!!!!
 Me and my family! Love these kinds of pics!

 Splash Pads!

 Fishing with Grandpa~

 Water parks with Grandma Ann!

 Horse rides with Dad1

 Our 8 year anniversary!!!!!!!!!! July 3rd!

 Good hugs!

 What a great time we had! chillen and swimming and eating lots of food! LOVE SUMMER!!!!!!!

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Katelyn said...

Looks like you guys are having a great summer!!!!