Friday, January 4, 2013

Over Christmas Break we........

 Ate LOTS of food!  Love peanut butter!!!!
 We rested......

 We had fun Christmas Eve, got dressed up......

 Hugged outside because the first snow was falling!
 Got ready to open our first present.....
 Here they go~

 Woke up Christmas was it a sight!
 LOADS of stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 And MORE stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 My hubby bought me an embroidery machine for xmas!!!!!!!!!!!1 I made some birp cloths
 I have been sewing a lot!
 Here is my little one having a tea party w/ Jingle and Belle! I should probably by her a hat for tea time so she doesn't have to keep using a bowl! He He
 Sewed more and more........

 Made my first Ariel on a shirt!!!
 And on New Years, I rang it in with a bang! I spent it with those that keep me going each day!
Happy 2013 to you all!  May it be a wonderful year of peace and happiness!!!!!

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