Wednesday, December 19, 2012

December things.....

 Ok, so it's almost the end of December, I know...I have been busy! Here are a few things happening so far....Grandma came to visit for Christmas.....
 She took the girls to Toys R Us and let them spend some money!!!!!
 Barbie is soooooo cool!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Bikes are sooooooo fun!
 What about a new car??????????
 A doll, what a wonderful gift! Thank you Grandma so much!
 Here's a picture of our Christmas countdown....
 Our silly Elf Sammy is everywhere....just two pics of where he has been....chilling with the Xmas balls!
And of course high fiveing Santa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Hope all is well with everyone
*******My heart still breaks thinking about all the little ones at Sandy Hook elem.******
Merry almost Christmas
Give love to all and Peace

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