Thursday, October 20, 2011

Ponies and Pumpkins

Sorry i have been MIA friends~ I got the flu bad!!!! but I am ok now~ lots of rest did me good! :) Last weekend we went to a horse ranch and the pumpkin patch!!! My husband did some work for the ranch and they invited us to their open-house! These horses were beautiful and they were all saved from being either abused or abandoned!!!
Miss Maddie got to take a ride on Casper~ he was so big! Maddie loved it!
She fed the horses~said it tickled!!!
Here she is on Casper! What a gentle horse!!!See Maddie's BIG smile- she had a ball!

then we went to a pumpkin patch~ it was almost 90 degrees out- so we skipped the hayride, but got to do other things! Be Silly!

See how much we've grown since last year!

touch hay for the first time!
Gracie loved it!

Happy Fall!
Check back later when I show you what I sewed lately!
Have a great day!
love ya all~

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