Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Maddie Mack Polka Dot Pumpkin Dress (Sorta a TUT!!!!)

The Maddie Mack Polka Dot Pumpkin Skirt!

O.K..... So I used a New Look Pattern #6880
(See Above) This Tut is assuming you will buy the pattern :)
I made Skirt C- very basic, but the fabric you choose is what makes it so cute! I also added tulle- easy!
What you need: Fabric of choice~follow pattern for size and amount
sewing machine
safety pin

So here we go~ (Cut your fabric)
1.Stitch skirt front and back sections at side seems

2.Press 1" on upper edge to inside, forming casing
Press under 1/4" on raw edge
Stitch close to lower edge of casing, leaving an opening to insert elastic

3.Cut a piece of elastic to fit waist, plus 1'
Insert elastic through the casing
Overlap ends and hold with a safety pin
Try on garmet and adjust to fit.

4.Stitch ends of elastic together securely
Stitch opening closed
Distribute fullness evenly

5.Stitch side seams of RUFFLE sections
Press under hem allowance on lower edge of ruffle
To form narrow hem, tuck under raw edge to meet crease
Press~ Stitch hem in place
GATHER upper edge of ruffle

6.With RIGHT sides together, pin ruffle to lower edge of skirt, matching centers and side seams.
Pull up gathering stitches to fit
Press ruffle out, pressing seam toward skirt

If you want to add TULLE~
I just measured the bottom of the ruffle pieces, cut my tulle to that length and sewed the piece to the bottom of the ruffle!
There you have it!

I hope this sounded easy for you! Just go out and get the pattern and create your own easy-peasy skirt!
Really, trust's EASY!!!!:)
Have Fun!!!!
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Texas Tanners said...

SO SO cute! And your kiddos are GORGEOUS!! I am your newest follower.

Katie said...

:) Adorable!!!
And a big smile came across my face when I opened your blog. The acoustic version of "She is Love" is one of my FAVORITE songs.
Thanks for joining the hop!
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