Monday, October 10, 2011

Cheap Halloween Banner~ A Tutorial!

CHEAP!!!! Did I say CHEAP??? Oh and cute! :)
A little Halloween banner I whipped up in less than 15 min.'s!!!!!!
What you will need-

I got 2 $1.25 Fat quarters(fabric) at Jo-Ann's
hot glue gun
hemp(or twine)
Spider/Boo confetti pieces (Walmart) Optional

As you can see I cut the fabric squares into 4 pieces

then I cut those squares into diamond shapes- no measuring, just played it by ear!!

Then I used scrapes of fabric I had and cut them into squares (again, no measuring)

I took one of my cups and traced with a fabric crayon a circle

I used the left over quarter fabric and made little circles to go on top of bigger circles

Folded over the fabric, hot glued it, and then hot glued on a spider or Boo piece of confetti

I bought some hemp at Walmart, and measured it the length of my window~ I went a little longer so I could make bows at the end of the rope!

I set it on top of the rope just to make sure it fit :)

then I turned it over~ hot glued it all down- you don't need too much glue! Pressed down on it for a minute.........and

I hung it up!!!! Too easy, and cute! Just a little color too my kitchen for Halloween!

Boo!! to you all! I hope ya like it!

(it was about $5.00 to make)

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