Monday, August 8, 2011

Leave Sticky Notes Everywhere!

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So a very wonderful blog I follow~ The Shine Project~ had a great challenge/idea for this week and I wanted to share it my sweet things!
To place positive notes in random places! What a wonderful way to make more people happy! Can you imagine going into a public restroom and seeing a positive message? Something like
" You are Amazing!"
I WOULD LOVE IT!!!!!! It would make me do the happy dance! :) just sayin! I found a few things on pinterest that caught my blue eyes~ I love love love the giant sign hanging on the wall- the one that says "You Make Me Happy When Skies Are Grey!" AHHH just want it for my living room wall right now! My birthday is coming up ya know....:) just kidden. So what I want all of my wonderful friends to do is leave a special note somewhere this week, somewhere you never would of ....not your bathroom mirror sillies:) Take a picture of it and then post on your blog about what you did- I know we can make this beautiful world a happy place!
I will do this too~of course I will, I can't wait! I thank my friend over at The Shine Project Blog for this great idea!!!!! Lets get going people, come on- start writing!
love ya all
Have fun!
Happy Monday!

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