Friday, August 12, 2011

Happy Friday ya'll! What a great way to start our weekend~ lots of smiles! I know I have a busy weekend ahead! I actually get to go on a date with the Hubster on Sat.! Were going to dinner and a baseball game! Should be fun if it doesn't storm!!! Better take the umbrella! :) Tonight we are hangin out with some friends that live next door! So fun! Always a party with them! And Sunday~ I am running around getting last min. things for my little babies first b-day party! Still can't believe how fast a year goes bye! So enjoy some smiles,

I'll show you my sticky note picture on Sunday or Monday- hope you all had fun with that one, I know I did!

My Miss Maddie~aka American Idol star- IS wearing BLUE eyeshadow- yep, that's right, BLUE eyeshadow- guess she busted into my make-up again! Too funny! She is too pretty in it though.:)

Both the girls say "Have a wonderful weekend!" and don't forget to squeeze someone ya love ~ or if ya want a stranger, but um, they might think weird of you....just sayin
Happy Friday! Peace.

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