Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Lots to report!!!Small things in life are wonderful!

We have been swimming in our new pool~so beautiful out lately!!!!!!
This is Madison modeling~ she always says "take my picture!" too funny- she thinks she's a superstar- she may be right! :)
The great purple hat her dad bought her!
See my eye? It's healing~ it was black! I have been crawling everywhere lately and exploring is so much fun!
Outside fun with the girls....
We go for walks everyday!
Madison's car parked next to mine! Love the shades!
Ok, so I have been reading some biographies lately and I had finished Queen Latifa's book-soooo good! And now I am reading Heidi Klum's~ so far so good-lots of good advice on how to stay healthy, stay positive and have a great attitude! She's so darn pretty!
Also reading a great book by Mark Sanborn~Encore Effect. How to achieve remarkable performance in anything you do! Very very good so far! I recommend it!
This is Madison's first 4 year old attempt at writing her name! Very good job! She is really getting it and she's right handed! Love it and will keep this forever!
This is a dress I made last week for Gracie! Just took a tank top and cut it and added the material to the bottom! So cute- we had a princess party to go to and she wore it there!

See? She loved it! Looked pretty cute too! Hope everyone has a great day! Keep smiling and enjoy the small things in life!

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