Thursday, June 16, 2011

Awkward and Awesome!

So I am trying something new~ an Awkward and Awesome post!
I have read a few other blogs and they have done this so I am linking up!
O.K. lets try it!

1.My phone ringing 20 zillion times from the same number and when I pick it up, no one is there!!!!
2.Checking out at Walmart and the cashier talking my ear off about things I probably shouldn't know ~like how/why her ex-husband left her...???etc.
3.My youngest daughter eating our dogs food- I keep putting it up, but she keeps getting to it before I remember to in the morning! Yuck-o!
4.Going to a party where you know no-one and one of the ladies telling you about their sex life with sun glasses on! Yes- they have the sun glasses on...well, you get it!? - I see a pattern of something here- I guess I am a good listener-
5.People on Facebook who tell way too much of what is going on in their life!

1. My Mom coming to visit in a few days! YEAH!!!!!Talking, laughing and spending time with my girls! Can't wait!
2.Visiting with my Dad this weekend for Fathers Day! Fishing, swimming, and boating! Always a good time!
3.My wonderful husband who is working so hard for us!
4. A surprise letter to Madison and Gracie from Grandma~ the best part is that it was a puzzle they had to put together to get to the sweet note she wrote!
5.OK, this one is for the new moms out there- I am not nursing anymore and my "ta-ta's" are finally back to their normal size!!!! Yeah! If you are a new Mom- you know how exciting this is! :)

So there you have it! My list of things awkward and awesome.......hopefully I can remember to do this again next week! He He!

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The Bookness said...

Been wanting to try this out as well. Yours is good.