Thursday, February 11, 2010

My Valentine's.....Warning! Picture Overload!!!

Happy Almost V-day! The day of love! Even though everyday should be of love..... My Valentine's are my Husband, Daughter and New "Squishy" Baby Harris! here is a lot of pics I just thought I'd share of them~ this first one is how I told the family we were having #2!
This is my family on Halloween!
Mother's Day making silly faces!
My little Valentine having a tea party with Mickey!
Meeting Sid the Science Kid!
Daddy and Maddie at the park!
Last Summer! So sweet!
Last Valentine's day!
I think Madison was 7-8 months old here-??? I love this picture!
Here we are at a restaurant on the water in Michigan!
My #1 Valentine....the hubster and me at the Michigan football game last fall! Hope everyone enjoys their family or the person they are with and has a wonderful weekend! Happy Valentine's!


The Wife said...

Love the pic of how you told your family!

Traci said...

Beautiful family! Hope you have a wonderful Valentine's this year, too. :)