Friday, December 20, 2013

 When Grandma comes to visit.........we drink hot coco

 Give nice, warm hugs
 Make Gingerbread houses full of candy!

 Celebrate a day at the movies~ we saw Frozen in 3D! and opened presents from her!
 American Girl Dolls for each!

 Of course there had to be a lot of mess!!!!!!!!!!!!
 We made Christmas cookies too Yum-O!

And went to a Girl Scout meeting and made cards for the local SPCA!!!! Lots off dogs are getting special treats from our troop, all of this fun when Grandma comes to town!!!!!!! Love you Mom!

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ShirleyC said...

Adorable little girls! I can relate to the elves and the dolls. My little granddaugter loves her AG dolls.
Following you through Blog Lovin'.