Friday, November 1, 2013

Field trip to Historical Odessa De. Pretty cool First Grade Trip!

 We visited the Old Homes of Odessa Delaware ~ we learned how to shop with little amounts of money~

 Here is what we bought for $3.25!

 We bought yarn to make our clothes with!
 We learned how to cook pancake like cakes! sooo fun, Maddie got to crack the eggs!

 then we flattened the batter !

 cut then out with a cookie cutter! and then cooked them on a fire and ate them up! Yum-O!
 We did our chores, hauling wood and water!!!!
 We made games and then played outside games!!!!!

 Then we were off to school!......writing with ink and on slate!!!! So cool!

Then we had lunch and it was a long hardworking day! I loved being a part of this with Maddie!

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