Thursday, September 6, 2012

Before and After~ a few weeks ago~ before school started this is what my desk in the kitchen looked like~ WOW...what a mess........ is what I did to it, to clean it up a bit!
I cleaned it, added some fun and we are ready for school to start!
 Here is Madison's daily routine chart! works awesome...............

 This is the before picture of our garage entry way- very boring, we will be painting the kitchen eventually, but until we get around to doing that I wanted something up for backpacks and purses and such.....
 So I hung up a few things- a Scatter Kindness sign, a picture of each girl and a set of hooks I bought at Ikea for cheap!
 The chalkboard tray I made from a purchase at a Goodwill~ Just to write some fun notes on! ;)
It looks a little better~ Madison loves knowing where her things are and so do I!
Just wanted to share, thanks for reading my blog! Have a spectacular day!

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