Monday, July 2, 2012


 So random today.......took this pic of Maddie thought it was a cute one!
 Here is Gracie...almost two~ look at that Belly!!!!!!!!

 So here is Madison with her FIRST LOOSE TOOTH>>>>>> she is not a baby anymore! She will lose it this week I'm sure!!!!!!Have to admit, I got a little tear because her baby teeth are falling out.  She on the other hand, is SUPER excited! On another note.........we had a hurricane/storm two nights ago and this is what happened to our deck~things got shifted, chairs turned over, even the glass in the table came out and landed on the seats.....but nothing broke! We were lucky!           

The tree in the front yard did not make it though
So how is that for randomness......
Everybody have a great week-
Off to get Anniversary plans made and Birthday party stuff up!

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