Friday, June 22, 2012

What a whirlwind of fun turning 5!!!!

 Happy Birthday to my Madison.....she was 5 on May 31st! We spent the day at the beach!
Well, actually Maddie got to go to Bush Gardens the weekend before with Grandma Ann and Uncle Gene, but those pictures still have to be developed, so more to come from those.....I am WAY behind on the blog due to moving and stuff, been kinda busy! Sorry.
 We went to the beaches here in Delaware- AWESOME!!!!!! All day long! So much fun! then we came home and ate cake and opened presents!!!!!!!!!!!
 She had to have a "Incredibles" those are mini characters from the movie!
 Make a wish!
 We played at an arcade too!
 Had lunch at the beach!  This was a chocolate cookie dessert they enjoyed!

 Being silly......

 Birthday money from G-ma! Thank you!!!!!
Oh and this is the molton lava cake from Grandpa and Grandma Hollis that she ate that week too~ WOW lots of sweets! Happy Birthday my One o a Kind Girl! Love ya!

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