Friday, March 30, 2012

A day in the life of a 11/2 yr old and 41/2 yr old...oh and randomness

Happy Friday ya'all! Don't forget to smile today!
Oh and don't forget to dance all around.....
Wear your "bunny" outfit when you get ready to go and meet "Mr.Easter Bunny"
then SMILE REAL BIG!!!!!!!!!!!

And don't forget to wear a pretty headband to!!!!!!!!!!
Enjoy your weekend to the fullest!
These are some random things I found that were cute- a F21 hat for 12.80!!!! so cute to hide the sun and avoid getting wrinkles, they aren't pretty!
O.K so this is an idea I have for fabric on some chairs I got for our sitting room...whatcha think?
LOVE this saying...........
And this Loren Conrad dress from Kohl's would be so cute to have on sale for $54.00 I like butterflies!!!! to see the Easter Bunny with the fam. have fun in the sun this weekend!

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Mamasita said...

Hey girly!!!! :) Thanks for stopping by my blog! I had to come and check yours out, and am excited to be a new follower!!!
Happy Monday and have a blessed Easter :)
p.s. LOVE that Lauren Conrad dress... I LOVE her clothing line!