Thursday, January 12, 2012

Random Pinterest Special....

Hello Ya'll Happy Thursday! I have decorating on the brain, can ya tell? I like this chair or Maddie's room and love the idea of the mirror over her bed with a canopy! The next picture is all about the butterflies! I saw this mobile in Pottery Barn kids Mag. and then all you'd have to do is find butterfly decals to put on the wall~ love it!

The next few are just pictures I fell in LOVE with!!!! Take a looksy~

Doesn't this outdoor retreat just make ya want to have a drink? That or go out and find a bunch of friends to hang with??? Love the lights!

This picture screams "I love these stairs!!!"
This picture is one i found and thought i would love to have done of me and the girls~:)'s another wood sign, what is it with these things that I love? This one makes me smile and would be great in a beautiful basement! Or in a kitchen or a living room, just about any where!

Ok, this is "MY BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!" I love everything about this outdoor pool space! I am a sucker for outside light or X-mas lights! Wouldn't this be awesome in a's possible! I wouldn't have all of the little tables, but one big one for friends and family to enjoy! Oooh La La!

And then there is this... I mean, great use of space! I love the idea of having an outdoor kitchen/sitting space! These chairs and that table- great together! Love Love Love!

OOps! How did this get here? Did someone tamper with my computer??? Happy Thursday...can you begin to tell what my NEW CHANGE is going to be?
No....I am not running off with Bradley Cooper....:) He He Just a great picture to look at;)

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