Sunday, November 13, 2011

Christmas Book Bags..A Tut.!!!

Christmas Book Bags!
I was so lucky to have a wonderful friend of mine GIVE me all of this fabric!!
So I turned it into a gift bag!
I am giving all of the nieces and nephews books for Christmas this year- there are a lot of them, so I thought what a great idea to wrap them in some fabric love!!!
What You Will Need:
a book

Lets Get Started:
First I cut my fabric strip~ depending on the size of the book, your size may be different. I layed my book down on the fabric and cut mu strip! Easy!
Then, cut your top off, if you have too I did:)
Next, turn your fabric strip so both right sides are touching- like in the picture!
Then sew down the sides of the strips~ cut off excess thread.....

Hem down the top of the bag, like I have shown, I just folded once and pinned, then sewed it down
Then, turn your bag right side out..push the corners out on the bottom of the bag!
Put the book in the bag! Then tie the ribbon of your choice around the top! I am going to add a cute Christmas tag to each one too! It really did not take that long- I made 6 in a half an hour or so! So easy and cute too!

Merry gifting all of you! Thanks for stopping by!
The first picture is my girls- I put this up for my Mom to see! Hope it makes ya smile!
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These are so cute! free fabric is the best!
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