Sunday, September 11, 2011

My Fall Favorites!!!!

Hi everyone! It's been a great week! My BIRTHDAY was last week! I have been celebrating for the last 3 days! So fun! I wanted to post about some of the things I am loving for Fall and Halloween time! I'd like to do some of these things, all the pictures are off of Pinterest! First I think it's important to have your house smelling YUMMY!!! I went to Bath and Body works and that did the trick! :) I got the Pumpkin Carmel Latte! I went on The Krazy Coupon Lady's website and got a coupon for a FREE mini candle...Love me a deal! :)

So lets get started......

O.K. this coat!!!!!!!!! and the boots!!!!!!!! Love! The blue shirt is pretty too, and under the jacket, Snazzy!

This is the best hair-do for Fall! So pretty, and stylish too! The shirt and cute pink shoes...nice for this hotter weather were having here in OHIO.

This is the coolest way to serve drinks at Halloween! What a great idea for a party!!! I want to have a party just so I can do this!!:)

I'd like to do my address on my porch just like this! So cool- I have to get an urn to hold the pumpkins, but I'm sure that can be arranged! Love it!

This is a cool printable that I think would look good in my house somewhere-love the purple colors!

Candy corn........ cool idea!

Just ANOTHER reason to have a party!!!!!!!!!!! These cuties are so fun! I even have a cutter especially made for cutting the tea lite shape out...hmm maybe a next weekend project!!!

Now if I had a beautiful porch like this, this is what I would do- a bench, red doors, framed skeletons, and the cool Happy Halloween sign! Ahhh like this a lot!

This I AM doing in my fireplace this October! I love this! Pumpkins are great, but PAINTED pumpkins are the best!

My front door would be in love with either of these two wreaths......:)

And to end this list.... white dazzling pumpkins! Now, these are pretty! I want to do this too! You can get the black rhinestones at Hobby Lobby! My front porch will be happy with me when I am all done! So there ya have it....Fall fav's of mine~
this is just a start
hope ya enjoyed them thanks for stopping by
Happy Fall Ya'll

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