Tuesday, July 26, 2011

So long insecurity.....

Just in case you are all wondering...... my baby Gracie~ 11 months old is actually standing in this picture BY HERSELF!!!!!!!!!! I feel like I don't have a baby anymore....:) Wow, growing up way too fast! Any who.....
lately I have focused on dieting WAY too much! I am a bigger girl, (thanks to my two beauties) and dieting, well, I am sick of it... I just need to be happy and enjoy what I have. My problem area is my stomach and my arms....I feel like I waste too much time worrying about this all of the time. I am sick of trying to be like the skinny girl...I just need to pick clothes that look nice on me and SMILE more, because NO ONE will be looking at my arms if I am smiling and having a good time!!!!!
I have a hot hubby, and two beautiful girls.....they are great accessories to have~ I do love jewelry...and shoes and handbags though:) You should always make sure those are key!:)But anyway, can you tell I am reading a good book about being insecure- also I tried a really HARD diet last week and it killed me! Wow! Well I will stick to eating healthy and working out, but most of all I will focus on smiling, enjoying my very HEALTHY, CANCER FREE husband and kissing my girls each and every day! Wow, I am blabbering on and on....I try not to do this too much on here, but this diet thing got to me, I guess.
Here are some of the reasons I smile each day~

Love these kids so much! Thanks for listening~ have a good day and keep smiling! :)

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