Thursday, March 10, 2011

My Favorite things right now........

Here are just a few of my favorite things lately.......I got some rings~ love BIG rings! The yellow one , I feel bad, I forgot who made it on Etsy, the blue one is from Little Miss Momma and the silver flower I won on line from Resessionista Party (sp?)! Can't wait to wear them! Pretty!
I bought Gracie her B-day dress for her first party from My Baby Clothes Boutique! Yep, thinking ahead, her b-day is in Aug.:) it's WAY cuter in person!!!!!!!!
I also had to have this cute little outfit for Gracie from the same boutique~ just too cute to pass up!
I got some crown pics from Hobby Lobby for 2 bucks each...great for a wall that needs some love in my house:) new purse- absolutely had to be in the "yellow/mustard" color! It's great!
I love this grin that Gracie gives me all the time:) She is so cheesy!
Here is another look I get when I am taking ANOTHER picture of Madison! :)
O.K. so I got this new lip gloss from Bath and Body works-$8.00~ in Sangria flavor- LOVE! It's a nice shine color! :) I recommend it!
Oh how I love a lot of days of CRAFTS!!!!!!! With all of the rain, we need some fun things to do! I like the Dollar store and Jo Ann Fabrics.
And last, but not least...I got these cute towels in the mail from my MoM! Got Chocolate?? Just a few of the things I am loving right now- Any thing you really like these days? Please let me know!!!!!! Happy almost SPRING!!!!

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destiny said...

I love all of this STUFF So MUCH!:0) Maybe it's because I just like STUFF...Pretty stuff!!! Your girls are so cute!