Monday, January 24, 2011

Maddie Mack Designs Valentine's Day Showcase!

I Love Valentine's Day! So fun to make clothes for little girls! This set I made with a plain pink shirt and embellished it with hot pink and light pink polka dot hearts and a giant jean heart! So cute in person! The bottoms are jean with a large fabric flair!

The shirt!
The pants! The set is $50.00
Another embellished shirt I made for a customer! A giant heart on the front and a few small ones sewn on the back! I can embellish any color shirt with letters, or hearts, you just pick the color! Shirt is $20.00
This is an Ice Cream Delight! This can be a dress or a shirt and worn throughout any season! Ties in the back for extra cuteness! Sizes 6-8m~4T Shirt $45.00

Another embellished shirt with the word LOVE on it! So adorable! $20.00

A tiny Zebra Twirl dress for your little one! I have this dress in a size large (20-29 lbs) for babies ready to ship~ If you are interested in a larger size I can discuss it with you! :) $20.00

Cupcakes anyone?.......Yum-O! This is a great twirl dress! Three tiers with polka dot ruffles! This can be worn in any season and looks cute worn to Birthday parties! :) 100%cotton and $50.00
If you are interested in any of these products~ Email me at and we can discuss colors, sizes, etc. Shipping on any of these items is only $2.00! Thank you and have a wonderful day!
P.S. has a lot of cute BOY things too!

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