Friday, November 19, 2010

Random:Warning..lots of pictures!

OK, this is a sneak peek of our Christmas card pictures!!!!! Can I say I LOVE this new camera! My baby and her sister had a hard time cooperating for me during the photo shoot~ but some of them turned out good!
This is a picture of my new cross I bought a while back~ just needed some nice pictures to go around it! what do ya think?
This is the dress I made the girls for some X-mas party fun! The top of the dress is the top part of a pair of jeans! So much cuter in person!!! I am going to put the girls in pink shirts and pink tights/leggings underneath it~ but for pictures I just used what I had now.
This is the back of Maddies~
The front!
This is the back of Gracie's~
And the front!
These are some things I picked up at Target a while back and just wanted to share, these ornaments were $1 each a package! Love that! Fun to decorate with!
I got the girls some matching outfits! These outfits were only $8 each! :) Love that! And they will look super cute!
This adorable shirt.......$4!!!!! I am serious, four dollars! Gracie is super cute in it!
Love Calvin Klein! So cute with tulle! Do you think I could say the word "cute" any more?
OK, these are Gracie's new latest shoes~ Robeez makes 3-D shoes! The zebra's are soooooo adorable!
Just look at his face! Too cute to be shoes! :)
I got Gracie a pair of boots! So fun and fashionable! Aren't they awesome???? LOVE them!
This is my crazy daughter~ just had to make ya laugh.....she was putting this in her nose and laughing hysterically! Weird, but funny!
My pretty girl~these are some shots I practiced with the new camera! Love being up close!

I just think her eyes are 2 die for! Have a great weekend everyone! Hugs!

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radn said...

Love the dress you made. The kids are adorable!