Monday, October 25, 2010

What a Wonderful Weekend!

We had such a great weekend! We carved pumpkins, went to a local pumpkin patch, went on a hay ride and watched scary movies!!!!! Here is my little pumpkin Gracie~ her shirt says "Daddy's under my spell!"
Watchin us carve pumpkins!

What a fun mess!
We got ready to go to the pumpkin patch!

Here we are! This patch was so fun! Lots to do~ so there are lots of pictures! Loved this sign!
made me laugh out loud!
Here is the hay ride! Maddie had a blast!

Gracie with her pumpkin! She slept the whole trip!

We got apples and cider to eat! YUM!!! You can see Maddie liked hers!
Saddle up and catch a cow! Maddie and Daddy tried!.....
And tried.....
Got 'em! Yippee!
We played on a hay maze~
Took silly pictures!
We met some new friends!
Enjoyed a nap or two! Look at this sweet pumpkin
Hope you all have a nice Halloween week!

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