Monday, August 16, 2010

Before and after Baby Room!!!!!!

Ok, after a few months of work~ we finished the baby room!!!!!!! This is BEFORE
BEFORE~ this was my craft room.....
Maddie getting ready to help Dad paint:)
Dad painting the room.....such a nice change!
And here are the after pictures~ this is on the front of her crib! Gracie Emersyn is her name
Maddie posing~
Crib bedding which I LOVE!!!!!!!
A photo holder from Hobby Lobby that I love also-

A tutu I made her
Some of her shoes...gotta start a girl early for a love of shoes!
The knobs I put on her dresser from Hobby Lobby!
Pictures of me and my Mom and Jamie and his Mom! Also a lamp I bought for 1.00 at a garage sale and turned it into a pretty masterpiece.......
Love this G, I took an old mirror and painted it black, took out the mirror and bought a G and painted it red! So easy and I love it!
Now, these wings above her bed are actually going to be surrounding a 11X14 frame of Gracie, but Jamie insisted on hanging them now- before we have the picture up...:)
Hope ya all like it! I know I do- I sit in here for hours and rock back in fourth in the recliner- on other side of the room...,.only 4 days left till she enters our world!Wish me luck, lots more pictures to follow of the sweet baby! Happy Monday everyone!


The Wife said...

Too cute! Love it!

Chris said...

Great work J2! Uncle Chris is excited to come meet Gracie ;o)

Karis said...

Love it! Which Etsy seller did you get the bedding from? Would love to check out some of her stuff :)