Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Spring is Comin!!!

OK, so today I actually opened the screen door for about an hour for some fresh air!!!!! Yay!
Madison and I did our nails and toes in a pretty pink color! She loved it~ I love having a girl!!!
These are Maddie's nails~ she wanted a picture of them! :)
Oh! and these are the new flip flops I got at Old Navy~ 2 pairs for $5.00!!!!!!!!!!! Yep~ that's $5.00! And two pairs of flip flops were donated to Haiti as well! Can't beat that!
The other pair is hot pink~ man am I ready for spring! Too bad I am 4 months preggers now- I'm only going to get bigger but oh well....it's going to be a Hot Summer! :) Happy Tuesday everyone!

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