Friday, March 19, 2010


This picture is from a few weeks ago- Maddie decided to put marker on her lips pretending she had lipstick on!!!!!! Too funny! On to my rambling............... I'm 17 weeks pregnant~ feel a lot bigger than I am....going to see the Easter Bunny and have a nice breakfast with the family tomorrow and I want to look somewhat cute~ cant seen to fit in my pre-preggers clothes, but am just too small for my pregnancy clothes still~ what's a girl to do? least I have some cute shoes and jewelry to wear!
It's beautiful here in Ohio today! 70 degrees! Yay!!!!! I'll take it, cause they said there is snow expected on Monday! :(
I just got done reading Elizabeth Kartchner's book on Scrapbooking~"52 more Scrapbooking Challenges"......It was wonderful! I love her crafty style! She is so bright and cheery! Lot's of ideas to help me scrap all of the fun moments with the fam.!
She makes me want to wear lots of colors! She always looks so pretty!
Anywho......I find out the sex of our baby on April 2nd and cannot wait!!!! I'll show pictures of the nursery before and after!
well, I guess that does it for today, want to do some sewing this weekend too so I'll show ya all what I come up with~ Have a great weekend friends!

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