Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Ok... so Maddie has been talking a lot about her new brother or sister~she keeps asking me if he/she has a car..:) she wonders where the baby is.... she also says she wants to "walk" the baby when it gets here..:) Too funny! I show her the baby is in my belly and she responds with" Wow, that is so cool"
Kids crack me up~then we were at a store and she says " Mommy, I want to marry" I said "You want to get married?"
And she says " Yes, I want to marry Elmo!" Ha! I laughed out loud! She is too funny sometimes!
This picture is of her making a silly face?????:) Hope you all are having a great New Year!

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Tracy Rogers said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog Jamie Lynn :) I too LOVE "The Shack" and "The Five Love Languages" ;)

Have a great week!