Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas 2009

This is when Madison first came down to see what Santa brought her~ she had already opened her presents from Mom and Dad on Christmas Eve!
She got her Barbie Computer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Look......more mom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maddie and I early in the morning! She is always sooooo silly!:)
Then we traveled to the Kush side of the family for X-mas~ this is Dad's side of the family's family! Here is Miss M with her Grandma Ann!
Madison did LOTS of dancing here~ she loved it with her cousins!
Here she is with her 90 year old Great Grandpa dancing! So adorable!!!!
Then, we traveled to my Mom's house~ or Grandma Maggie's as Maddie likes to call it! (My moms dog is named Maggie)
Maddie got a new bike!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A quick family picture of my family on my side. My brother and sister in law, my hubby and my mom! Maddie and I of course too.
Then we traveled to my hubby's Mom and Dad~ or as Maddie calls them Grandma and Grandpa Harris! Madison and Daddy had a Connect 4 game going and it looks like they both won.....but I think Madison really won!
Grandma Ann and Maddie
Grandpa T and Maddie! So much Christmas fun! Thank you for all of the wonderful gifts and nice company! We love ya all!:)


The Wife said...

Looks like Miss M had a blast! said...

Your daughter is precious!