Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Madison has been into playing baseball lately~ she always has to have her hat on and glove~ too funny! She gets outside and tries to hit the ball but then just loves throwing the ball to whoever will catch it! I thought she looked cute so I took a picture of her!
This is my 1/2 bath downstairs in my home~ my wonderful Mom bought me this cute crystal wire piece and it usually holds a roll of toilet paper, but I thought I'd put a pumpkin in it, kinda cute for Fall!
This is my baby sleeping yesterday~ she has her hands together likes she's praying, I love it! So sweet and pretty.
This is Madison today helping Mommy clean the kitchen floor~ please excuse the bottom of the dishwasher, we have to buy a new bottom to it:)
Oh and this~ this is just ONE of the WONDERFUL smoothies I can have on Weight Watchers! This one is the banana and raspberries one! I can have a root beer one and even a delish Oreo one!!!!!!!!!!!! So good! Love Weight Watchers! Hope ya enjoyed some of my randomness while my Miss Maddie sleeps......

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Morgan said...

I just recently started Weight Watchers. I would love the recipes to those smoothies, if you wouldn't mind sharing.