Thursday, October 22, 2009

Halloween Goodies for our party....

Look at what I found today........... I am soooooo excited! First, I am having family over on Halloween weekend~ so why not have some Halloween treats????? Fright Bites~ chips in the shape of ghosts, bats and pumpkins!!!!!!So cute! Great with a dip I'll make. Red wine~ in the bottle with the pumpkin face on it, hope it's good! Ed Hardy Sangria! Such a cool bottle I had to buy it~ and look at the cute pop cans! One is Lemon lime and the other I'm not so sure but says something with Kiwi... Yum! Oh and the Peeps you see in the back ground are Maddies- she had to have them, but when she tried one.....she said"YUCK!" too funny.

Can't wait for Halloween~ treats, family, costumes and scary movies! Yeah!

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