Saturday, September 5, 2009

Happy Long Weekend!

I hope everyone has a happy, safe weekend! I love me some football and snacks on Sat., shopping on Sunday and Family time on Monday! Soooo excited! Off the subject~
Just a thought.... my hubby and I were watching the late night news and heard that our local school district would NOT air the speech from Pres. Obama coming this week, about urging students to take responsibility for their own success! The classroom teachers are to give their students a chance to write themselves a letter about ways they can better their education and themselves! What an AWESOME thing! What are people thinking if they DON"T show this! Pres. Obama is telling kids to stay in school and study hard! I don't understand some peoples thinking. Who would disrespect the Pres. of the United States and NOT show this speech~Why? We need a better future for our children!
Well~ I don't want to go off~ I am an Obama fan and I think the message he his spreading is wonderful and needs to be heard!
Have a great Labor Day weekend! Look at my little Princess~ you bet we will watch His Speech!!!!:)

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