Thursday, August 13, 2009

Silly hats, frogs and smiles!

Ok... So Miss Maddie has been so silly lately with her dress up stuff! She was cracking me up- last night she put this winter hat on- from when she was a baby-:) What a Hoot! Isn't she cute?
Look at her face- sorry about the camera cord in the pic.'s! Opps! Sweet- yet hilarious!
Miss Maddie also found her first frog last night and had to bring him in the house and show me!!!!!!! Wow- she is growing up- she loved this little thing!
See him? She didn't want to let him go!
And the last wonderful news today is.... yesterday Madison told me she loved me back! I said "Love you!" and she actually said "I love you too!" It was a moment! My moment which I loved! Just had to share that with ya all! :) Happy Thursday- one more day till the weekend! Yeah!

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