Friday, August 28, 2009

My Precious Madison

So, recently I have found a new blog that has taken my heart by storm.... the Ramer Bunch. I cried today when I read her blog- so If you are going there to check it out- have a tissue- she and her husband just one month ago lost their twins to a drowning accident. The post I read today is her telling her story of that fatal day.... wow it made me wrap my arms around my Miss Maddie and hug her till it hurt! I look forward to seeing her each day and having her home with me to play with, giggle, swing and just talk. She is my life- I cannot imagine losing her, ever- and neither did the family I am talking about. Luckily, they are due with another baby in a couple of months- but there is so much pain. I pray for her each night and I don't even know her- God had a plan and there are two angels up in Heaven. Please check out her blog and send some prayers her way! Thanks!

What a Princess with a silly face........
Gosh I love this girl!

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