Friday, August 28, 2009

Just some random stuff.....

Hello! I am still here- I know it's been a few days since I've blogged- been busy busy! Anywho- this is just a cute picture of Miss Maddie playing with some toys we picked up at the Good Will- I got all of these plus a few more for $6.00! Yep- that's right six bucks! Can't beat that! Were going to be watching a few kids during the school year so I needed a few more "boy" toys- trucks, cars, etc.... so I got some for cheap! Maddie loves them!
Yesterday Maddie made this bed on the floor and was all snuggled up watching her fav. show- too cute!
Madison got this cat mask and glitter pumpkin for fun from Jo Ann's! Too cute! $1.00 each!
And to end the night last night- Maddie and Daddy ate pumpkin sugar cookies! Cute little guys were gone quick! Madison LOVED them! They have the cutest cookies for different holidays! I know were a little early with the Halloween cookies- but I couldn't resist! Lots more to post- so check back soon! Happy Friday!

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