Monday, August 17, 2009

Custom order and Peanut Butter Crackers..??

A nice , new fall shirt for a customer! Pumpkins, polka dots and initials! So sweet!
Of course I had to add hearts on the back! Hope they like it!
Lovin the peanut butter crackers...... she looks like she hates getting her picture taken-but she was a trooper!
Stuffing her face..:)
And one BIG smile! What a great start to the week! Happy Monday!

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Aurora said...

OK, talk about cute...your daughter is ADORABLE! Thanks for checking out my blog. My Mom & I made all the bedding in Avery's room {including the chandelier pillow}. That was the inspiration for the whole room {and I paid way too much for the fabric!}. I actually have plenty of extra fabric...I only used the chandelier design on the front & white on the back...I couldn't stand to waste it where it wouldn't be seen! :)