Friday, August 14, 2009

Are You Ready For Some Football???????

A NEW Bib I made for Maddie Mack Designs!! The "I Love Football "Bib! So cute!
Any colors you want- the ribbon sewn on it says I Love Football The bib is cotton. So cute for boy or girl- I can even sew logos!

Visit to order one! Boy or Girl has to look great for football season!!!!!!


Melissa J Cornell said...

Very cute designs! I read your fav. memory on Liz Karchtner's blog, and it really touched me! Im so happy about your husband and pray the Lord continues to keep him strong and healthy!
Bless you and yours!

Chris said...

Those are great J Lynn! I like the seasonal stuff, but you know how much of a football nut I am ;o) When we have kids (even others childrens) to buy for, we will start placing orders. You have some serious talent putting this stuff together. Hope you are enjoying the weekend! I'm taking slow after the wisdom teeth removal this morning ;o( Love ya, see ya sis ...