Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Ok, so I am in a thinking mood! Madison and I went to Gymboree this morning- what a ball she has there! Lots of boys- but today there was 1 other girl!!!!! Yeah!!! She loved it and they had fun. She loves climbing and running and jumping and learning! I got to hand out 10 business cards today! The Mom's were excited about my Maddie Mack Designs Shop online! I am excited, but real nervous too! It keeps me busy and I love to create for others! I love staying home with Maddie every day! It is a reward.... wouldn't want it any other way!
I think J and I will start to try to have another baby soon- I need to lose some more weight first- soooooo we'll see.???!!!!:)
It's raining here now just a little- the Schwanns Company just stopped by to drop off some ice cream for us! Yummy! Madison is relaxing while I type... Grandma jackie is coming over on Friday to visit!!!! Yeah! Were going to have a girl day Sat. while J goes to a conference for his work. Like I said..... lots of thinking today.....I should sew something- finishing up my Sewing Table tonight and setting up the office in the basement soon! Sooooooo excited!
Well there are my random thoughts for today....Oh and one last thing.... Barb's Mom passed away yesterday.....feel sad for her- gotta get her some flowers!
Hope each of you have a nice Wednesday!
Be back soon!!!

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