Tuesday, May 19, 2009

American Idol!!!

Could she be the winner??? HA! Isn't this great! I love the show and will be happy with whoever wins tonight! I like both singers-totally different! I have watched this show from the beginning with Maddie and every time she loves to sing out loud!!!!!! She has a microphone- she just prefers the rolling pin... too funny! I like the way Kris plays the guitar and can go acoustic and how he individualizes his songs- but Adam has raw talent!!! That kid can sing!:)
Today Madison and I enjoyed the high 70 degree weather! We got groceries and went to Jo- Ann fabrics. Just relaxed and I did some laundry. When Dad (J) got home we went for a walk around the neighborhood! It was nice. I am off to get everyone ready for bed- have a wonderful night!


Annie said...

Wow, she's really belting it out.

Chris said...

I love this photo! Hopefully she is a Kris Allen fan and has a voice like mom ;o) (no offense Mr. Harris) LOL Thanks for hosting the fun Saturday this past weekend.